By Lightning: 'Sand Down the Edges'

By Lightning

Sand Down the Edges

Few Knoxville bands have inspired the kind of devotion that Dixie Dirt did. The band might not have attracted the biggest crowds, but the people who did show up still remember Dixie Dirt shows with an almost-religious reverence. Almost a decade later, ex-Dixie Dirt singer/guitarist Kat Brock, after a move to Nashville and several years of solo performance, returned to rock-band mode this summer with members of De Novo Dahl and other Music City underground vets in Nashville's By Lightning. Brock asserts herself most clearly on the relaxed country psych of opening track "Weather" and closer "City"; in between, the band's "Cosmic American Music" makes way for giddy indie pop but never gives up its earthy boogie foundation of Southern rock organ fills, barreling piano, honky-tonk rhythms, and Brock's spacey country guitar. And don't take my word for it—By Lightning was voted Nashville's best new band by the Nashville Scene.