Knoxville's Old City Gets Country-Music Club

If you've been thinking that all the Old City needs is a country-music-themed nightclub and live music venue, then get ready for the opening of South Bound Bar & Grill. The club, in the space most recently occupied by Club 106, will hold its grand opening on Friday, May 1, with a performance by '90s country act Confederate Railroad, best-known for the hits "Queen of Memphis" and "Trashy Women" ("I like my women just a little on the trashy side").

Duane Carleo, owner of South Bound as well as Hannah's Cafe and DaVinci's Pizza in the Old City and 4620 Revisited in Bearden, has renovated all three floors of the building and is also planning to use the courtyard behind the building for live performances. Carleo says the courtyard can hold nearly 4,000 people.

Inside, the club will have two dancefloors, DJs, music videos, a full-service restaurant open for dinner, and a special reserved VIP section on the second floor. Carleo says the club, despite its name and first concert, won't be strictly country but will incorporate dance music and Top 40. But there will be an emphasis on country music.

"We wanted to set the tone of South Bound Bar & Grill with an opening headliner like Confederate Railroad," Carleo says in a press release. "Their mix of high-energy honky tonk, sensitive ballads, and offbeat humor defines the kind of fun atmosphere you'll find at South Bound Bar & Grill."

The location was home to Hooray's during the 1990s, followed by Scott and Bernadette West's Thinq Tank. The dance club Red Iguana closed its doors in 2007 after much controversy, including at least one shooting, charges of underage alcohol sales, and private sex shows. The Red Iguana's successor, the hip-hop Club 106, was cited by the city in 2007 for overcrowding. Club 106 closed this winter.