Knoxville Rockers Madre Play Their Last Shows Ever

Local indie rockers Madre have called it quits, bringing to an end their three-year run as one of the bright young bands on the Knoxville scene. The band played its last official show at Preservation Pub on Sept. 3, just a few days before singer/guitarist Stephen Osborne packed up and headed for his new home in Los Angeles.

In between the Pub show and Osborne's final departure, the band fit in an informal gig at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Middle Tennessee.

"We have a small group of family and friends who go there every year," says singer/guitarist Andrew Sayne. "It was cool to be surrounded by people who were there when we started—we went the first year we were a band."

Osborne's move was the most immediate factor in the band's decision to break up, but at least one other consideration came into play, according to Sayne: Drummer Alex Melin has just started a new job as an engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which won't leave a lot of time for a rock 'n' roll sideline.

That leaves Sayne—whose arty folk-rock side project MEOB has already been active for a couple of years—and bassist Bryan Norris. Sayne says he has already fielded offers to join other Knoxville bands, and that he and Norris might team up again for a future project.