Knoxville Music Fans: Gear up for Soundtrack Black Debut

No offense to headliners Pegasi 51 or fellow opening act One Vs. One, but some long-time Knoxville music fans are perking up specifically for the Saturday, May 23 live debut of Soundtrack Black at 4620 Reinvented. The band, with Steve Britton on bass and vocals, Joel Stooksbury on drums, and Brian Jolley on lead guitar, might have gone by the name Immortal Chorus were this gig taking place a decade ago. The band has already recorded a new album, First Born.

Publicly silent since 2001's Premonition, the band formerly known as Immortal Chorus always delivered memorable and exciting sets back when the Mercury Theater and Flamingo's were options for a night out, and their annual Halloween throw-downs have been sorely missed. Who knows where they might have gone had their heyday existed in a world of MySpace and iTunes, among a musical landscape where darker hard rock could find a commercial foothold? New offerings such as "Out to Dry" and "Yeah Right" (available at will test the limits of the 4620 speakers, but what are the chances a lone classic like "Novocain Smile" or "Breathe" will make it onto the Soundtrack Black set list? Vulture-picked finger bones crossed.