Knoxville Horror Film Festival's Year-Round Success Continues With 'Klown,' 'Miami Connection' Screenings

In just four years, the Knoxville Horror Film Festival has grown from a weekend of short films and a handful of features into a year-round organization that holds regular screenings of chiller classics, cult favorites, and acclaimed recent horror movies that Knoxvillians might otherwise not be able to see on a big screen.

Highlights of the last couple of years of out-of-festival shows have included a night of mostly forgotten Marvel superhero clunkers, the Norwegian found-footage hit Trollhunter, the black-metal documentary Until the Light Takes Us, the Rutger Hauer gore fest Hobo With a Shotgun, the zombie comedy Juan of the Dead, Ti West's slow-burning The Innkeepers, the goofy Monster Brawl, and David Cronenberg's creepy classic Videodrome. With the actual festival—which will include fest-circuit-favorite features John Dies at the End, Excision, and V/H/S—just a month away, you'd expect that organizer William Mahaffey might take it easy for the next few weeks. Instead, KHFF will have one of its coolest screenings this weekend as a tease for the festival proper, which will be held Oct. 25-27.

In partnership with Chattanooga's Mise en Scenesters film club, KHFF presents a double feature at Relix Variety Theatre on North Central Street on Friday, Sept. 28: the raunchy Danish road comedy Klown, a European version of The Hangover that earned conditional acclaim from American critics this summer, starts at 8 p.m., followed by the 1987 ninja/rock 'n' roll camp fest Miami Connection at 10:30 p.m. Admission is $10 to the double feature, or just $5 for Miami Connection. Visit for more info.