Knoxville Horror Film Fest Looks West With New Crowd-Funding Campaign

Looking for a way to help out Knoxville's creepiest, goriest, gruesomest annual film extravaganza, and make sure that Knoxville keeps getting more monster movies, slasher pics, exploitation films, and supernatural comedies than you can shake a bloody machete at? Then just go check out the Knoxville Horror Film Festival's new IndieGoGo campaign.

Headed toward its fifth installment next month, KHFF is threatening to outgrow the friendly Happy Holler confines of Relix Variety Theatre, the fest's home for the last three years. The new crowd-funding effort, if successful, will allow the founders and organizers, William Mahaffey and Metro Pulse contributor Nick Huinker, to move the main day of festival screenings for the Oct. 25-27 event to Regal's Downtown West. (Last year's opening-night screening of the cult-classic-in-the-making John Dies at the End at Downtown West drew the biggest KHFF crowd yet.)

Here's what they're asking: Mahaffey and Huinker are trying to raise $2,000 by Sept. 30 to pay for the move to Downtown West. What's on offer: weekend passes for the festival at $35, a $5 pre-order discount; stickers, posters, and T-shirts at various price tiers; and sponsorships ranging from your name (or your company's) in the program ($100) to a full-page program ad ($400).

Keep in mind that KHFF will happen whether the campaign reaches its $2,000 goal or not. If the campaign is successful, Friday and Sunday's screenings will still be held at Relix. The announced selections for this year's event include the monster comedy Bad Milo, Ben Wheatley's A Field in England, and Bobcat Goldthwaite's Bigfoot movie Willow Creek.