Jonathan Sexton's Upbeat Vibe Runs Through "New Day"

Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir, New Day

On his first album with his full-time band the Big Love Choir, Jonathan Sexton finds some middle ground between the ragged alt-honky tonk of his former band the Whiskey Scars and the big choir harmonies that backed him on his 2008 solo disc Big Love. The songs on New Day are largely beefed-up singer/songwriter fare, augmented by solid rock arrangements, but the band shows some range with the piano ballad "The Mountain," the country twang of "Here We Go Again," and vocalist Elodie Lafont's torchy French-language showcase "Elodie's Melody." Like on Big Love, an almost relentlessly upbeat vibe runs through New Day—it's tempting to hear a song like "You Are Not What You Own" as an extension of Sexton's day job as an elementary school teacher. But his optimism runs deep, and he's found a band—and written a bunch of songs—that reflect his resolute hopefulness.

The band's holding its CD release show at the Square Room on Friday. The show will be streamed live on