Joel Trussell Teams Up With Rick Rubin and the Gossip for Music Video

Local animator is heading to Hollywood for good soon

West Knoxvillian and internationally known animator Joel Trussell has made music videos for acts like Morcheeba and Jakob Dylan, but his most recent gig is also his biggest to date: a video for Portland, Ore., group the Gossip, visualizing a new song produced by Columbia Records kingpin/industry legend Rick Rubin.

"The budget's bigger than anything I've ever done before and it incorporates a good bit of live action," Trussell says. "I ended up being flown out to L.A. last week to shoot the live-action stuff, and I'm now neck-deep in editing and animating everything to finish it off. It's the weirdest thing I've ever done."

That's quite a claim coming from the guy who just animated live-action fruit going on a cannibalistic rampage at an underground rave for Kid606's "Mr. Wobble's Nightmare." But Gossip band members apparently like his disturbing point of view, and since they weren't going to be available to shoot a traditional video, Trussell got the call.

If you'll remember, in our Oct. 4, 2007, cover story on Trussell ("Inside Joel Trussell's Brain"), he was a little unsure of what his next career step might be. Not anymore—once the Gossip video wraps, he and his wife Kelly will be scoping out Los Angeles for a new place to live, where they plan to move with their two sons in August.