James Franco Announces Film Tribute to Brad Renfro

Back in 2008, we noted that the Oscar ceremony's traditional tribute to Hollywood figures who had died that year didn't include Brad Renfro, who died that January from a drug overdose. We also noted that we weren't the only ones to notice the oversight; the exclusion prompted a brief Internet outrage from the Knoxville-born actor's fans.

James Franco also noticed it.

"Heath Ledger died a week after Brad, and I feel Brad has been forgotten already," Franco told Playboy recently. "They didn't even mention his death at the Oscars that year."

Actor (and writer, filmmaker, video artist, dance director, and Ph.D. candidate) Franco has announced plans to show his tribute to Renfro at the Venice Film Festival, which runs Aug. 31-Sept. 10 as part of the Venice Biennale.