Hudson K Steers in New Direction, With a New Video to Prove It

Local piano/chamber-pop diva Christina Horn, the driving force behind the band Hudson K, stakes out new territory on the new song "The Knife," an atmospheric, electronic-pop anthem with anxious, insistent rhythms, styled, maybe, after the Eurythmics or Peter Gabriel. It's part of a batch of songs Horn is working on for the follow-up to 2010's Shine.

"We've got some songs in the works," she says. "This is the first single, and it kind of shows the different direction we're headed in."

To emphasize that new direction, the band recently shot a video for the song, which will officially be unveiled at a show at Pilot Light on Saturday, July 21, at 10 p.m. Stills from the shoot show Horn, wearing a leather bikini top and a feathered antler headdress, stalking through tall grass with a bow and arrow or standing in front of a raging fire.

"I'm running through the woods into a tunnel, which is a symbol of rebirth," Horn says. "My character comes out the other side and has gone back in time, where life is more tribal, and men and women are equal. It's about life being cyclical, history being cyclical, fire and light, death and rebirth."

The video was shot by Matt Cikovic and Adam Renninger in Horn's backyard and at Ijams Nature Center.

Knoxville avant-R&B weirdo Fine Peduncle will also debut a new video at the Saturday show. The Theorizt opens. Admission is $5.