Hudson K Shines on Debut Album

Hudson K


Hudson K's previous release and much-revered live performances have earned frontwoman Christina Horn and her towering yet delicate vocals comparisons to modern artists such as Bat for Lashes as well as songstresses such as Tori Amos. But on its first full album, Shine, the group—Horn, Jeff Christmas, and Nate Barrett—finally manages to clearly showcase the entire band's sophisticated compositions and performing chops, as opposed to just highlighting Horn's songwriting and impressive vocal range. Shine opens with "Fade," which quickly establishes the album's generally upbeat and full-bodied tone with an explosion of synthesizers and Horn's trademark piano stylings. If Shine is any sign of what Hudson K has in store for its fans, it is almost certain that there are many more surprises to come—not only from Horn, but from the group as a whole. (Carey Hodges)