Greg Horne Quietly Shows Off His Guitar Skills on Basically Sane

Greg Horne

Basically Sane

Greg Horne's a deceptively straightforward country/folk singer/songwriter. There's nothing flashy about Basically Sane, his first CD since 1999, but a few listens reveal just how accomplished a guitarist he is. In a field where technique often takes a backseat to emotion and songwriting, Horne's a master technician, as capable of fleet-fingered picking and bluesy string bends as he is of solidly constructed compositions, and he shows that playing well and playing like you mean it aren't exclusive of each other. He's a clever songwriter, too, in the mold of John Prine, if not quite as witty. (Though the opening song, "I Liked You Better," would fit right in on Prine's Sweet Revenge.)