Glowing Bowl may get license to chill

The Glowing Bowl, a healthy foods café tucked into the warm, usually sunlit spaces of the yoga studio complex called The Glowing Body (which is in turn tucked behind Magpies and the retired Corner Lounge, on Central Avenue) is jumping through the hoops that will soon land it an ABC license. Final parameters will be determined by customer response, but the plan is for the café, which currently goes dark at 6 p.m., to stay open toward 9 or 10 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Meantime, proprietor Hollis Church is grooming a "small but wonderful selection of organic wines and beers." Church and chef Mollie Moran will be building a menu of small, high-energy plates perfect for pairing. And the café's manager Damien Welch will expand his already-large list of dessert offerings.

If you've seen Glowing Body from the inside, you've probably thought a little to yourself that the space could be adapted to uses beyond hip twists and shoulder popping. Once the license is on the wall, look and listen for the Round Rug Series, a regular schedule of live acoustic music performances by local and traveling acts. Church hopes to have all the i's dotted and t's crossed in time to kick off in March with The Bowmans—twin sisters Sarah and Claire, currently knocking them dead in England and Europe with their Americana harmonies. (The Bowmans' management have confirmed verbally but not in ink. And Church says that if a license is delayed for some reason, Plan B is in fact Plan BYOB.)