Fort Sanders Fest Spreads Out

Last year's Fort Sanders Fest was held in, appropriately enough, a blocked-off area of Forest Avenue in the Fort Sanders neighborhood. The music festival takes a big step up this year to World's Fair Park—which is technically outside Fort Sanders, but close enough in both spirit and geography to count.

The festival, scheduled for April 27 and organized by a group of University of Tennessee students who operate under the name Hype Fidelity, will feature 14 local artists on the north side of the park, behind the Knoxville Museum of Art. Proceeds from the festival will benefit the Scarecrow Foundation.

The lineup includes Annabelle's Curse, Backup Planet, Best Friend, the Blue Heavy, Crumbsnatchers, Grandpa's Stash, Hudson K, Johnny Astro and the Big Bang, Marina Orchestra, O Youth, PaerBaer, Tame the Hurricane, the Theorizt, and Yung Life. Tickets for the festival are $12. For more info, visit