Former Members of the Cheat Come Back as Odd Order, Release New EP

Odd Order, Secret Crime

A hybrid of Knoxville bands the Chore Boys and the Cheat, Odd Order delivers a new album forged in the creative fires of a collaboration between three of Knoxville's own and famed punk legend Paul Roessler of the Screamers and Dead Kennedys, who produced this debut EP. A trio made up of vocalist/guitarist Fletcher Stewart, bassist William Tugwell, and drummer Brian Fribourg, Odd Order draws from a number of influences, displaying hints of both metal and punk. Secret Crime offers up five tracks, one of which is live, each with an initially angst-ridden quality that grows to be surprisingly catchy. The album's appeal is largely instrumental; playing on the now-defunct Cheat's old surf-inspired sound, Stewart's guitar work sounds like an updated, creepier version of 1960s Dick Dale guitar. Secret Crime tracks would sound at home on alt-rock radio but would likely be more interesting live, particularly if Odd Order's performances capture the same intensity of the Cheat's notoriously rowdy mid-'00s shows.