Former everybodyfields Singer Sam Quinn Announces New Album, Due in May

Jill Andrews was first out of the gate with a post-everybodyfields solo project—her sterling self-titled debut EP was released in November—but her former romantic and musical partner, Sam Quinn, is right behind her. Quinn's announced that his first solo album (with his backing band the Japan Ten) will be released on May 11 on Ramseur Records, the North Carolina-based indie label that was home to the everybodyfields until their break-up last summer.

Titled The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships, the disc was recorded in an abandoned barn in South Knoxville last year.

"This album is so down it's ridiculous," Quinn says in a press release. "If you're having a good time, you're probably not doing something right. A happy song can lift you up for three-and-a-half minutes but sad song can make you feel bad a lot longer. It's real stuff I was going through, a real bad year in my life, so I just wanted to hash it out and get over it. It's real—it's not about hopping trains or coal mining or making liquor."