Fireproof Storage Becomes Music and Art Hot Spot

Local artist Zach Widgren turned heads last year when he began work on a colorful mural located on the western side of the Fireproof Storage building just outside the Old City. The warehouse building-turned-artspace is still a work in progress for Widgren, who is hosting increasingly popular art and music events on selected Saturday nights at the building.

Besides featuring an impressive roster of local bands—Fine Peduncle, Three Man Band, Faux Ferocious, and Coolrunnings have all performed at the gallery—the newly organized event is the collaborative effort of a group of artists, including Widgren, Katy Smith, Katie Moseley, Dave Grimes, Michael Watson, Amanda McCall, and Preston Profit. In addition to their individual contributions, the artists' collective effort has transformed the former A1 LabArts gallery with expansive, often psychedelic, improvements and decorations. With the space serving as a giant canvas for each performance, the artists cover the warehouse from floor to ceiling with themed illustrations that complement the featured artwork.

The group's first event, "Golden Doodle," opened on May 13 and ran for five weeks.The gallery reopened on Aug. 6 for the current "Black and White" show. Widgren says he hopes to continue transforming the gallery for all upcoming events.