Eye on the Scene: No Woman, No Cry

No Woman, No Cry

The upcoming five-band show at Pilot Light on Friday, July 25—a benefit for the club—will probably be the last chance to see local rock band Woman on a Knoxville stage for a while. Singer Chris Lowe and guitarist Tyler Mucklow are both leaving the country for extended periods in the next couple of months—Mucklow to Mexico to study for two semesters, and Lowe to South Korea to teach English. The moves will bring to an end, at least temporarily, the band's two-year run.

"I definitely don't want it to be our last show," Lowe says. "But, in my realistic opinion, we're leaving for a year. Who knows what will happen? We're definitely not quitting the band, though... At the same time, since it is temporary, it lends itself to a higher probability that we'll pick back up when we come back."

The band—which also includes singer Damion Huntoon and drummer Jason Stark—does have a parting gift: a four-song 12-inch single, Maze, that should be available at the show. The record's the first release for former Birdhouse proprietor Brian Formo's new Endless Latino label, and Lowe says the legendary Olympia, Wash., indie label K Records will handle distribution. And the band may record even more music before Mucklow and Lowe split town. "We'll probably try to finance another record while we're gone," Lowe says. "We have a lot of other songs—we've only released six total, counting the four songs on the 12-inch and the 7-inch."

There is a two-week tour before the Pilot Light show and one last concert after, set for Saturday, August 2, at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta.

Get Off My Lawn

Poison Lawn, a secretive venue for all-ages shows by local and touring punk, hardcore, and metal shows in South Knoxville, will shut its doors for good after a July 19 show featuring Empty Grave, Fruitpunch, the Reserve, Think Twice, and the Peckergnats.

A post on the Poison Lawn's MySpace page, titled "The Lawn Killed by Idiots (Big Shocker)" and signed "TPL is dead," makes allusion to "intentional damage done to the house," "a few assholes always looking to start shit," and "people doing some serious bullshit in the backyard that could get us into a shitload of trouble" as the primary reasons for closing down.

The post also takes issue with local media outlets for listing the venue's shows. (The Poison Lawn always kept its address secret.)

It's not all griping, though: The post offers appreciation for the support of locals over the past year. "It was a great year for shows in our little town," the post reads. "I know a lot of big cities that didn't get the line-ups that we got. It was because the word got out from all the bands that the Poison Lawn was a must-play while on tour. The biggest reason for that was you. We're proud that the international punk community knows that Knoxville has a scene worth seeing... Thanks again to the Knox scene, the locals who always played for free, and thanks to all the awesome touring bands who came through and kicked ass for us."

Never Mind

That announcement last week about Willie Nelson headlining the Foothills Fall Festival in Maryville in October? That was followed by an announcement on last Thursday that Nelson had backed out and would not be performing at the festival. The start of ticket sales has been postponed a week, from Friday, July 18, to Friday, July 25, to allow organizers to spread the word.

What Happens in Vegas...

Knoxville hard-rock band Down From Up has made the final 10 in the Rock Against Diabetes contest, which will select a band to open the Rock Against Diabetes fund-raising concert in Las Vegas on August 23. The concert line-up features Guns N' Roses' guitarist Bumblefoot, '90s guitar shredder Richie Kotzen, '70s proto-hair-metal band Y&T, and Hollywood B-teamers L.A. Guns.

Down From Up is competing against nine other unsigned hard-rock acts for a spot on the bill. Online voting continues through Saturday, July 19, at rockagainstdiabetes.org/top10.htm. —Matthew Everett