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I, Audience

Every time The Two Man Gentleman Band comes through town, its members tell us that they're gonna challenge Knoxville to a friendly game of badminton. And, every time, we believe them, and we inevitably make some lame joke about shuttlecocks. After four trips to Knoxville, they've yet to play a single match.

This last time, banjoist/lead kazoo Andy Bean and upright bassist Fuller Condon played a set for a rambunctious crowd at Manhattan's in the Old City. They had just driven in from Kansas, but even though these bleary-eyed road warriors had been on tour for a month straight, they still came to the stage sporting giant smiles, the epitome of the Vaudevillian gentleman.

Cue the kazoo solo.

Local Film Review

Timetravel_0 (Fast Track Productions)

Scott Norwood has been in-state off and on since '95. He, along with his production company, Fast Track Productions, has been shooting just about anything he can get his hands on, from music videos to commercials to feature-length films. The latest thing to come out of his laboratory is Timetravel_0 , a phony documentary based on the Internet fiasco surrounding John Titor . Titor, if you've kept up with web lore, began to appear on message boards between 2000 and '01, claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036.

In Norwood's film, we get Chris McCarthy , a documentary filmmaker who sets out to film a series of bland interviews, asking people their thoughts on the Titor phenomenon. It all goes according to plan until she comes into contact with some wannabe soldiers who claim to be Titor's lieutenants.

The film drags on for nearly 40 minutes, until it immediately drops the documentary act and turns into a B-thriller. There's a government conspiracy. Some well-armed and needlessly bitchy soldiers from the future give McCarthy several tongue-lashes when she shows up at Titor's compound in Florida. The climax is overstaged, like something out of Commando , without any special effects or heavy machinegun fire. And, to top it off, John Titor finally shows up, wearing a camouflage bandanna over his face, trying his best to appear more staid than Charlton Heston ever dreamed.

But, in the end, it's a kitschy fantasia, a quick romp through Internet lore. It's not the best movie to come from Fast Track Productions, but it's a testament to Norwood and his crew, because they've never been afraid to try something that they've never done before.

â“Li'Lâ” David Teague Hits it BIG

Longtime Knoxville scenesters of the punk/metal persuasion will certainly remember David Teague , the white-hot lead guitarist of ur -level hardcore gods, Koro , who went on to spearhead several other happening acts including The Wedge, Aftershock, and Do Or Die. Well, Mr. Teague has long since left town, creating a niche for himself as a Los Angeles musician in a series of high-profile bands. Let's take a look at a truncated version of his past and present:

Dave's first era in the spotlight was with Muzza Chunka, a group that signed to Arista imprint Rowdy Records to release 1993's Fishy Pants .   The band played wild shows in every dive from coast to coast, hitting Knoxville for an especially anarchic show at the fabled Mercury Theatre .  

After several tours, Muzza Chunka went the way of the dinosaurs and Teague joined L.A. punk stalwarts, The Dickies, a group that is arguably the longest-running American punk act in existence. â“I tried out, and knew the songs better than [Dickies' guitarist/songwriter] Stan Lee , and he said, â‘You're in,'â” says Teague. â“Stan gave me the nickname, Li'l Dave. â”   In the ensuing decade or so, the band played all over the world, several times over.

Still a member of The Dickies, Teague is involved in several other projects including Witch's Tit , with fellow Knox ex-pat, Don â“Maddogâ” Rutherford. â“We're good friends and we've been writing songs for years,â” says Teague.   â“The problem is, we are both so busy. Dave describes the band as â“something that is true to our roots: thrash, punk, hardcore with some leads.â”

Dave is planning a trip to Canada to try out for metal band Zimmer's Hole . And a Witch's Tit record is in the works. Look for Dave on television with The Dickies on the Starz network on September 16. They'll appear on Too Tough To Die , a film that documents a memorial concert for none other than Johnny Ramone.

â" Kevin Crowe , John Sewell



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