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Thursday, Aug. 9: In mulling over the question, â“What the hell is a Gypsy Switch ?â” we're reminded of the Will Smith rap song, â“Switch,â” in which he sings: Switch/ Turn it over, now hit it/ Na na na na . This from the man who eschews cursing in music. As if a thinly-veiled reference to doggie-style is more appropriate for the kiddies. But we digress. Gypsy Switch, it turns out, is a band, offering a bluesy-Americana hybrid, with a little djembe thrown in for flava. Taste it at Barley's around 9 p.m.

Friday, Aug. 10: We hear that Brendon James Wright & the Wrongs are big in Sweden. Of all Knoxville bands, some Swedish music mag picked up on the one with a MySpace song called â“Radio Interview,â” which, as the title suggests, is a recording of snippets of Wright being interviewed, interspersed with his music. Oh geez louise. Wright and the Wrongs: you are a legitimately solid country-rock band, and we are certainly glad that some people over in Sweden have your back, but we'd rather catch you at Downtown Grill around 10 p.m. than hear another â“Radio Interviewâ”.

Saturday, Aug. 11: And the Best Band Name of the Week goes toâ Soulfinger . In addition to having a, ahemâsuggestive moniker, Soulfinger will be working their digital magic at Brackin's Blues Bar in Maryville tonight.

Or you could check out Home Movie Day at the East Tennessee History Center from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Learn how to preserve old home movies on 8 mm, Super 8 and 16 mm film, view your old home movies, or just watch others. No, not that kind of home movie. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Sunday, Aug. 12: Clay Aiken performs tonight at the Tennessee Theatre at 8 p.m. Just one question, Aiken: Is it dark in there?

Monday, Aug. 13: And now, the first of two double-headers: (1) The Mike Thomas Trio graces the WDVX Blue Plate Special at noon for free, and also joins Ben Maney at Preservation Pub around 9. Also free. Now that's a price we can afford.

Tuesday, Aug. 14: Sometimes when you look back on a situation, you realize it wasn't all you thought it was. A beautiful girl walked into your life. You fell in love. Or did you? Maybe it was only a childish infatuation, or maybe just a brief moment of vanity.

Wednesday, Aug. 15: (2) The Two Man Gentlemen Band appears at WDVX Blue Plate Special at noon. Still free. And at Manhattan's around 10 p.m. Again, free. And we'd be remiss not to mention their shuttlecocks. Still big. Still better than yours.

â" Leah E. Willis


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