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You're Giving Me a Tromboner

UT Alum Jeremy Wilson sent a CD to the International Trombone Association's Frank Smith Solo Competition . As luck would have it, Ian Bousfield , the principle trombone of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra heard the recording.

So instead of competing at the solo competition, Wilson was auditioning for the Vienna Philharmonic. After beating out 17 other trombonists, many of whom already had jobs with first-rate philharmonics around the country, Wilson was chosen to play 2nd Trombone. Wilson is scheduled to begin playing in Austria in September.

â“They seemed to really like the way I played,â” Wilson says. â“I can't believe itâit doesn't seem real, and I don't know when it will sink in, but the fact is that come September, I will have the honor and privilege of playing with one of the greatest orchestras in the world.â”

He adds: â“And I will get paid for it.â”


Yeah, it's one of the best concert series of the year. You're going to be at the Corner Lounge Aug. 23-25. So we probably don't need to do this, but we're too jacked up not to. Here's the lineup for Hottfest, 2007:

THURSDAY (main stage)â" Brendan James Wright & the Wrongs , Speedshifter , Whip! and the Tenderhooks

THURSDAY (tent stage)â" Quartjar and Medford's Black Record Collection

FRIDAY (main stage)â" Ricksha , My Lost Cause , Cold Hands , 1220 and Mic Harrison

FRIDAY (tent stage)â" Jeff Barbra & Sarah Pirkle and Matt Woods

SATURDAY (main stage)â" The Successful Failures , Garage Deluxe , The Cogburns , The American Plague , 500 Miles to Memphis and The High Score

SATURDAY (tent stage)â" Cutthroat Shamrock , Todd Steed & the Mini-Suns of Phere and Greg Horne


Thursday, Aug. 16 : If you're looking for a bit of psychedelic glam rock, the kind of guitar-driven tunes that conjure images of grown men in Spandex, then go see Thee Birds Ov Paradise at the Corner Lounge. Bad spelling, but bitchin' tunes.

Friday, Aug. 17 : We don't know why this death-folk outfit from Asheville, N. C. decided to get its name from one of Cormac McCarthy 's most famous novels, but Suttree will be at the Pilot Light tonight. It'll be joined by local may gray , who might be the e.e. cummings of the Knoxville music scene.

Saturday, Aug. 18 : Get over to Barley's Taproom, order a giant pizza, and listen to Llama Train . We know what you're thinking; you're not going to waste a perfectly good Saturday night listening to some jam band with a bunch of kids half your age. But, trust us, in spite of the hippified name, the guys of Llama Train can play some dirty white-boy electric blues.

Sunday, Aug. 19 : If they do another Death Wish or Dirty Harry ...I'd love to go walking around with a .44 magnum. Then I'll do some acting.

Monday, Aug. 20 : I knew I was dog meat. Luckily, I'm the high-priced dog meat that everybody wants. I'm the good-quality dog meat.

Tuesday, Aug. 21 : Exquisitely sparse, The Everybodyfields play a brand of Americana that embodies all the gritty, nasally vox and front-porch bluegrass that made the Tri-Cities the cradle of country music, and Sam Quinn 's roughhewn deliveries never fail to toe the line between angelic gospel and dirty, workingman hokum. They'll be at the Disc Exchange.

Wednesday, Aug. 22 : Do nothing. Zilch. Nada. â" Kevin Crowe



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