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Biggest Drums in Town

Chad Melton has played a lot of drums in this town. He's kept the beats with The Mitch Rutman Group , Natti Love Joys , Dishwater Blonde , Chuckle Grizzly Collective and Primordial Soup (the list goes on). And this Saturday, May 12, the World Grotto will host â“Drums Over Knoxvilleâ” at 1 p.m.

â“It's a drum clinic,â” Melton says. â“We got a couple duets prepared. We'll do some open playing.â” The cost is $7; $5 with a student ID. Melton will be joined by Jeff Sipe , who has an equally impressive list of collaborators, from the Jeff Coffin Mutet to Keller Williams to Col. Bruce Hampton to Jazz Is Dead .

â“He's been one of my teachers,â” Melton says. â“I've listened to him since I was 13 years old. He's playing with Trey Anastasio right nowâ. I think he's one of the most organic and innovative players out there. He's completely selfless and capable of surrendering to the music. He's incredible.â”

That night, after the workshop and subsequent jam sessions, Primordial Soup will take the stage, once again featuring Melton on the drums.

Get Tough

We're going to give you more of a heads up than usual, because the Hard Knox Rollergirls , the hardest working ladies in full-contact sport, need you to be ready for their next match against the Nashville Rollergirls on May 27. The bout will take place on our home turf, at the Smoky Mountain Skate Center located at 2801 E. Broadway Ave. in Maryville.

â“There is such a variety of females,â” says Napalm Blownaparte , who has become a media darling, thanks in no small part to her excellent moniker, â“from stay-at-home moms to women who run their own companies. Engineers, secretaries. It's just a real easy fit with the girls. We're not high-maintenance like other women's sports.â”

But when these girls are on the flat track, with the jammers skating at breakneck speeds and weaving through the pack, all these women become warriors, no matter what they do during the day. Suck it up, Nashville, you don't have a chance.

Local CD Review


These Moments

It's early yet for this young Knoxville-based jam ensemble, but there's promise to be found in the quintet's debut album. Bellfield opened around this time last year for Jack Johnson -favorite Animal Liberation Orchestra , which we consider an apt pairing. Fronted by Van Gallik and Rob Morrow , who split vocal and guitar duties, the members evoke that same jam-session feel you might find on Johnson's label Brushfire Records, though they do seem to have a more eclectic mix of influences. The group relies on rock, blues and folk for inspiration, maintaining a fresh edge with a bit of Southern songwriting. I wish you were still around/But you're in Sylacauga six feet underground, Gallik sings with a twinge of twang on â“Maxine.â” But the vocals tend to be carried by the instrumentation of Gallik, Morrow, Jed Eaton (percussion), Chad Fifer (drums) and Alex Bayless (bass, guitar). They have a knack for long-winded acoustic instrumentals (â“Leap Yearâ”), reminding us a bit of Aussie forbearer John Butler Trio , only with backwoods rather than outback aesthetic.

The band will have its CD release party Friday night, May 11, at Blue Cats following performances by The Billings Band and Jescoe . Doors open at 9 and tickets are $6 or $5 with a student ID.


Thursday, May 10: John Puckett 's playing at the Backroom BBQ. You need a reason why you should go see him instead of The Brazilian Girls and Christabel & the Jons at Sundown in the City? That's just like you. Fine, do what all your friends want you to do, and go to Sundown. See if we care.

Friday, May 11: Mirage has some good food. They also have a hot belly dancer, starting at 10 p.m. If that's not your thing, The Coveralls are playing Barley's. They have a hot guitar player.

Saturday, May 12: You know, it wouldn't kill any of us to get out of Knoxville a little more often. That's why you're getting up at 6 a.m. and driving to Oak Ridge for a little bird walk at the Arboretum. Then, take a scenic drive to Vestival 2007 in South Knoxville. After that, you'll probably be tired, but suck it up. Head back to Knoxville. Drink with your friends. Talk about how other cities are lame.

Sunday, May 13: Sleep in, but don't forget to call your mom.  

Monday, May 14: No matter where you go in life, always keep an eye out for Johnny, the tackling Alzheimer's patient.

Tuesday, May 15: Buy the new Wilco album. Go to Preservation Pub, but sit outside.

Wednesday, May 16: Trek over to Corner Lounge and check out Kim Richardson . We mean, check out her music, not her. Perverts. Though we've heard she makes a killer mud pie.

â" Kevin Crowe , LaRue Cook , Lisa Slade




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