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Delays and Departures

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Good and bad for the Westside Daredevils, in the studio with the Tim Lee 3, and Whitechapel goes a man down

No Nothing Thereâ’s some good news in the Westside Daredevils campâ"the bandâ’s been selected for the 2008 Millennium Music Conference, set for Feb. 14-17 in Harrisburg, Pa., an industry conference and showcase for 300 bands. Plus, their song â“You Are the Universeâ” is on the non-profit Indie Music for Life 2007 rock compilation, which raises money for cancer research.

On the down side, though, the Daredevils have pushed back the release of their third album, Brave New Nothing, until January because of production delays. What would have been their CD-release show at Barleyâ’s on Friday, Dec. 7, is, however, still on. The Leningrads and former Superdrag bassist Tom Pappasâ’ new band WHIP! from Nashville are also on the bill. The showâ’s now being sold as a loser-leaves-town death match between the Daredevils and Leningrads.

Who Let the Dogs Out? The Tim Lee 3â"Tim, his wife and bassist Susan Bauer Lee, and ageless drummer Rodney Cashâ"made their second trip to Wavelab Studios in Tucson, Ariz., right before Thanksgiving to finish up their upcoming album, tentatively titled Good to Be Three and set for release in the spring. The band had recorded eight tracks in February and laid down eight more this month with Chris Schultz and Craig Schumacher, who have engineered and produced records by Steve Wynn, Neko Case, and Calexico.

â“Itâ’s a great situation out there,â” Lee says. â“The studioâ’s cool, Chris and Craig are a lot of fun. Weâ’ve gotten to be friends with them. And itâ’s a nice diversion. Thereâ’s something about leaving your comfort zone to record that makes you more efficient. We could have done all this at home, but we would have had to keep stopping to take the dogs out.â”

Until the record comes out, the TL3 have a 10-song EP available from Paisley Pop ( www.paisleypop.com ). The band plays the Corner Lounge with Atlantaâ’s Shanghai Gesture on Saturday, Dec. 1, and close out the year at the Corner with Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere on Dec. 31.

Gross Anatomy Local metal band Whitechapelâ’s lyrics sound like they came straight out of a medical textbook. Song titles like â“Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiationâ” and â“Articulo Mortisâ” indicate the bandâ’s fascination with the gross side of the human anatomy. Itâ’s a hallowed tradition in death metal, dating back to the emergence of Carcass and Cannibal Corpse. But itâ’s all hit a little too close to home for Whitechapel this year.

Guitarist Brandon Cagle, whoâ’s been sidelined since April with an injury to his right arm following a motorcycle accident, has officially left the band. Cagle visited the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota earlier this month; the injury will require surgery, and Cagle says it will take several years for him to regain full use of the arm. Zach Householder, Cagleâ’s fill-in since the accident, is now a full-time member. Cagle doesnâ’t have health insurance, so the band will be accepting donations on its current tour. Contributions toward Cagleâ’s treatment can also be made through the bandâ’s MySpace page ( www.myspace.com/whitechapelmetal ) .

Whitechapel will play its first show in Knoxville since signing with Metal Blade Records at Blue Cats on Friday, Dec. 21, with Straight Line Stitch and As Legend Has It. â" Matthew Everett


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