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Eye on the Scene

So Fly

Blount County rapper Mack Williams, a.k.a. Mr. Mack, whose single â“Where You From (Da 865)â” served as the summer soundtrack for much of Knoxville in 2006, has finally signed a deal with Universal Republic Records. Mack announced plans last year for an independently released album, Self-Made, that never hit stores after he and his manager, DJ K-Swift, began talks with several labels.

Mackâ’s new single, â“So Fly,â” is currently the fourth most-played song on 104.5 FM, and K-Swift says that song will be Universalâ’s first priority for Mack. â“Theyâ’re going to focus on that single on the radio right now,â” he says. â“Theyâ’re going to continue to push it till that builds up in some other markets.â” ( Matthew Everett )

Deadsexy in New England

Scarce, the Providence, R.I.-based band led by Knoxville-raised Chick Graning, played its first show since 1996 at T.T. the Bearâ’s in Cambridge, Mass., on Saturday. The band disintegrated after Graningâ"who had played in several punk bands in Knoxville in the 1980s and moved to the Northeast with Anastasia Screamed in the early â’90sâ"suffered an aneurysm in 1995, just before the release of their major-label debut, Deadsexy. Following his recovery, Graning spent time in Europe, New York, and New Orleans before returning to Knoxville in 2003.

â“Boston is refreshing, to say the least,â” Graning wrote in an email exchange a few days before the show. â“I canâ’t buy a drink or pay a cover so far. Am I on the same planet? Scarce is rocking well at practice. Hopefully weâ’ll leave a smoking hole where T.T. the Bearâ’s used to be.â”

The bandâ"Graning, bassist Joyce Raskin and drummer Joe Propatierâ"was lovingly profiled in the most recent edition of Bostonâ’s weekly newspaper The Phoenix and are already writing material for a new album. Graning says heâ’ll probably stay in Boston to work on the new record and do some limited touring. His latest Knoxville project, The Skinwalkers, with drummer Rodney Cash and bassist Scott Davis, has called it quits, Graning says. ( M.E. )

Under the Zombie Moon

William Mahaffey, one of the most adorable noiseniks youâ’ll find around town, has cloistered himself inside a computer lab for the past few weeks to edit his own zombie-slasher flick, eloquently titled 33 Nights Under the Zombie Moon. The former guitarist for Bloodiest Night of My Life and Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight is a self-described film geek, a connoisseur of the bloodiest, gnarliest, most wantonly cruel B-horror movies ever to touch celluloid.

â“Itâ’s based on a dream I had,â” Mahaffey says of his film, which promises to be 20 minutes of pure zombie mayhem. â“Itâ’s really badass... It may not be the greatest horror movie ever made. But the gore is badass. Everyoneâ’s been disgusted.â”

Several downtown scenesters were killed on camera this past weekend for the project, including Carly Dorsey and Andrea Markel of Gutlocker and Ed Bailey, who once appeared on the cover of Metro Pulseâ’s Valentineâ’s Day issue. (Chris Rusk, no stranger to superfluous press coverage, was also killed. He wore a T-shirt that read, â“Iâ’m the drummer from Dixie Dirt.â” On the back: â“Will you put me in your local newspaper.â”) ( Kevin Crowe )


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