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Cool Hairdos and Hard Rock

On a Sad Note


Carney wants to pay for at least two Royal Bangs albums. The first, a remastered version of We Breed Champions , could be released on Carney's Akron-based Audio Eagle, if everything goes according to plan. As of press time, the Bangs had not made any commitments, but Rusk says that they're definitely leaning towards signing with Carney.

"He thinks Knoxville has a really good thing going on now," Rusk continues. "It seems like people are more willing to give stuff a chance in Knoxville. It seems like people are more willing to give a shit about music."

Each release from Audio Eagle is coupled with a nonsense slogan that appears prominently on the CD's cover, such silliness as "True Catsup." In an interview on pitchforkmedia.com, Carney says that the slogan for the Bang's album will be "We Live to Kill," which is the slogan of an exterminator in Akron.

Cool Hairdos and Hard Rock

"We've had a bunch of DJs," says Brynn Phillips , the owner of LOX. "We had a good crowd and it sounded really good." This past First Friday, Knoxville darlings Cold Hands played the salon, which was packed with enthusiastic fans.

"What I'd like to help out with is to try to have a lot of mature bands play with younger bands, mesh them together," Rusk says. "I remember when I was still in high school and I wanted to see bands at the Pilot Light, but I couldn't.... This will also be a chance for the older bands to see what the younger bands are doing."

LOX plans to host at least two all-ages shows every month. Rusk first pitched the idea while he was getting his hair cut. "I want to do all the grunt work for her," he explains. "The kids are really doing some interesting stuff. Everyone's upping the ante."

Mother Landmine, even though its drummer is only 16 years old, has made some intriguing hardcore coupled with the erratic pathos of noise rock. "I think they're doing a lot of things differently," Rusk explains. "They're doing things tastefully."

We support anyone who's working to bring even more music into the Old City.

I, Audience

It was Monotonix , a punk band from Israel. Before they were finished this past Friday, the Pilot Light was soaked in beer, and the ashy remains of frontman Ami Shalev 's pyromania were everywhere. A beer-soaked black soot covered the floor.

"Hey everybody," Shalev shouted at the crowd. "Shut! The! Fuck! Up!" Just then, a fan pulled Shalev's legs out from under him, and they both went crashing to the floor. Not missing a beat, Shalev said, "Shut! The! Fuck! Up!"

"They're just checking him," said Pete Hoffecker , the mastermind behind the roborhythmic Army vs. Navy . "They're just checking his rock credentials."

Somehow, the lighter fluid made its way into the crowd. A few industrious concertgoers had a few pools burning on the floor. Someone's coat caught fire, too.

On a Sad Note

McLean was arrested and charged with the murder of Sean Powell , an 18-year-old who was once a student at West High School. McLean's wife, Erin McLean , was an intern at West. On Monday night, WVLT interviewed Norman McLean who said that his son's wife had been having an affair with Powell.

When he was onstage, the music was usually noise-oriented, and always avant-garde. For many, McLean's work always felt fresh, a welcome rush that never failed to knock your brain around, if you were into that kind of thing.

McLean was scheduled for a percussion recital at UT's Music Hall on April 19.