eye (2006-52)

Round ‘Em Up

Keep the Change


Round ‘Em Up

First off, Barley’s is once again bringing their A-game with a rockin’ NYE line-up: Cold Hands, Mic Harrison and Whiskey Scars . Throw in a wheat-crust pizza, a pint or so of draught Abita Purple Haze, and a pat on the back for a NYE well-planned.

If you’re serious about having a buck-wild evening, you could run back and forth between Barley’s and New Knoxville Brewing Company, where Medford’s Black Record Collection will be counting down.

Then there’s downtown. So much to do, and no way to do it all. Hold on—this may hurt a little: RobinEll a with Sara Schwabe & Her Yankee Jass Band at Preservation Pub, Christabel & the Jons at Oodles, Natti Love Joys at World Grotto, Scott Miller & the Commonwealth with Rob Russell & the Sore Losers at Bijou Theatre, and Dr. Vibe at the Downtown Grill.

Want something fancier? How about Sharon Rae North at 4620 or Jaystorm at Cha Cha? More fringe? Head to Sassy Ann’s for DJs Brian Formo and Walter Egan . The Corner Lounge will be hosting Westside Daredevils, Plan A and Glennhill.

And there are many, many other shows, dear friends. So if you’re thinking about schlepping to a “big city” like Nashville or Atlanta, we encourage you to reconsider. As if a $100 cover translates into more fun.

To those of you who go off the range anyway, we say see ya on the flip side. We can hold down the fort just fine while you’re gone.

Keep the Change

These fine folks give us samples of the seasonal pumpkin beer when it comes in. They recommend wine to those of us who can’t tell the difference between an $8 glass and an $8 box. They go easy on the soda in our Beam and Cokes. Perhaps most importantly, they tolerate all our drunkypants behavior, then pretend like it never happened when we go back to the bar the next morning to pick up our credit cards and close our tabs.

The hall-of-famers ask if they can call us a cab, or gently remind us that it really is possible to get a citation for operating a bicycle while under the influence, or check to be sure we’ve got a friend to walk us home—because they care about us, and they want us to come back tomorrow.

So if your favorite bartender is working this holiday season, take ‘em a card or some gingersnaps. Say thanks. Throw a high five or a good-game butt slap in there, if you’ve got that kind of relationship. It doesn’t really matter how you express your appreciation, as long as you don’t forget to tip.


Yes, we really did attempt the splits just to prove we’re the most flexible. Yes, we did pay $8.50 for one Frambroise Lambic beer. (Totally worth it.) And yes, we think we did leave our shoes at Preservation Pub. Thanks for holding on to those, guys.

Friday, Dec. 29: The Dave Landeo Band will be at Rookie’s tonight.

Saturday, Dec. 30: Fifth House , Downtown Grill and Brewery. One last day in 2006. …tear.

Sunday, Dec. 31: Asking a person to choose a New Year’s Eve show is like making a child choose a parent during divorce proceedings. It’s plain wrong. It just shouldn’t be done. We abstain.

Monday, Jan. 1: Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right.

Tuesday, Jan. 2: This is a tricky one. It’s hard to say who’s taking the extra day off, and who’s managed to push through the dark holiday haze and into the fluorescent light of 2007. You could check out movie night at Barley’s or bike night (that’s motorcycles, hippie friends) at Kingston Alley. Or, for the significantly more motivated, there’s Scandinavian Couple Dancing at Laurel Theater.

Wednesday, Jan. 3: We heard