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Before They Were Famous: Molly Kincaid

Old Shitty Power Outage


Before They Were Famous: Molly Kincaid

But now, it’s time for our one-woman success story to move on. At the beginning of August, Molly is moving to NYC—the ultimate vortex for aspiring journalists. We wish her the best, and if her career trajectory thus far is any indication, we’ll look forward to reading her stuff in The New Yorker soon.

Good luck, Molly. Make some noise.

Old Shitty Power Outage

In about 20 minutes, it began. Lightly at first, just a nice summer rain, not even enough water to chase everyone off the patios. Then it kicked in. Power clicked off, then came back. Just after 10 p.m., it went off and stayed off for two hours. Coe retired to his bus for the night, leaving his fans to wander aimlessly around the Old City. Bartenders screamed, “Drink ’em while they’re cold!” And our prophetic buddy said, “Dude, there’s gonna be some mayhem tonight.”

An itinerant with a broomhandle was questioned by police, who promptly confiscated the potential weapon and pointed him in the direction of the bus station. Computers were still running on batteries, so the tabs stayed open. “Screw David Allen Coe!” they hollered at the Pilot Light. “We’re going acoustic.”

The Dog Ball Landfill Band , still sporting smiles, rocked out their four-part set, singing songs about huffin’ fumes and political intrigue. And about partying, sweet, sweet party-party-party! Sometime during the set, a disgruntled David Allen Coe fan stumbled our way.

He introduced himself only as “ Cowboy .”

Outside, a makeshift discotheque was in the works. Police officers used glo-sticks to direct traffic, and all the blue lights provided great disco, if you’re into that kind of thing. A gaggle of girls passed us, using their MP s as bonnets. Cowboy also wandered outside, looking to scare up some money for another PBR.

The power popped back on a little after midnight, and Cowboy returned, and The Ghosts took to the stage. “This one’s going out to my man Cowboy,” frontman Brett Winston wailed into a juiced-up microphone.

“That’s a hit!” Cowboy screamed.

The next morning, after we picked up a coffee, we saw Cowboy wandering the streets, wearing the same beer-stained shirt he had last time we saw him. But his 10-gallon hat had gone missing.


Friday, July 28: Because you woke up late for work, treat yourself to the seductive stylings of Vera VaVoom and her burlesque girls at the World Grotto. Find a comfortable seat or just lose consciousness in the Grotto’s winding corridors.

Saturday, July 29: Head to Market Square and pick up some fresh veggies. When the clock strikes 7, look towards the stage to see The Tennessee Stage Company ’s Taming of the Shrew . At last, though long, our jarring notes agree!

Sunday, July 30: Don’t do anything. Nothing. Nada. Zilch!

Monday, July 31: Go see John Allen lounge it up at the Holiday Inn Select off Cedar Bluff. Rub shoulders with some out-of-towners. Tell them that you’re rich and famous. If you are rich and famous, then act normal.

Tuesday, August 1: Check out 10 Years at Blue Cats, and bemoan the fact that Molly is leaving us. There’s a tear in your beer.

Wednesday, August 2: Join the Wednesday Runners at the Runner’s Market in Western Plaza. Get a couple of miles in you before ordering a giant pizza for delivery.