Ex-everybodyfields Singer Jill Andrews Fulfills Promise on Solo EP

Jill Andrews, Jill Andrews

For the last year or so of the everybodyfields' turbulent existence, it seemed the band's principal songwriters, Jill Andrews and Sam Quinn, were trying to find some way to make an unworkable situation work. After Quinn and Andrews ended their romantic relationship, they went to Nashville to record Nothing Is Okay, their 2007 album about the break-up. Then they moved to Knoxville from Johnson City. It wasn't enough—the band finally dissolved for good earlier this year. Both have new projects, but Andrews is the first to put out new music. Her self-titled EP isn't a dramatic departure from her work with the everybodyfields—Andrews' voice is still as clear and sharp as glass, and she still prefers languid, deliberately paced songs. But Scott Minor's production clears away the reverbed, hillbilly Gothic fuzz of the everybodyfields for crystalline precision to match Andrews' voice, which sounds even stronger here, and the everybodyfields' rootless Americana has evolved into elegant, countrified Laurel Canyon folk. Andrews used to sound like a promising singer; these six tracks show that promise fulfilled.