Drinking With the Drunk Uncles at Rhythm N' Blooms

Everything was going swell during the Drunk Uncles' late-night set at the Bijou Theatre Saturday: The band was honky-tonkin' away through a set of classic country gems and classic-sounding originals, the small but free-spirited crowd was whooping it up, and Uncle Mike McGill had just finished his impression of Ralph Stanley singing "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" There was just one problem with the performance, which was booked as a nightcap to Saturday's Rhythm N' Blooms festival schedule: The band was slated to start at 10:45 p.m., and the Bijou's lobby bar shut down around 11.

A Drunk Uncles show without drinking?

Eventually, in the between-song banter with the crowd, word of this travesty reached the stage. So Uncle Jeff Barbra and his fellows did the only decent thing: They reached into their own onstage cooler and began tossing cans of PBR and Miller Lite into the outstretched hands of grateful fans. (Before anybody gets all het up, and without putting too fine a point on it, the Uncles' demographic is not one that really requires a close check of IDs.)

Most impressive were beers launched from the stage by McGill and drummer Eric Keeble straight into the balcony. The only problem was, as Barbra noted, by the end of the beer redistribution, the Uncles' own supply was all but depleted.

"Next time y'all will buy us beer, right?" he asked, to affirmative cheers. And the show went on.