Dirty Guv'nahs Begin Work on New CD

While Metro Pulse readers were voting them Knoxville's best band for the record fourth consecutive year, the Dirty Guv'nahs were getting on with the business of trying to sell themselves to the rest of the country. During the weeks surrounding the local roots 'n' roll band's recent two-night almost-sold-out stand at the Bijou Theatre, the band members have been recording tracks in a studio space at Tribe One, the non-profit community center on Magnolia Avenue. Singer James Trimble says he and the rest of the band—guitarists Michael Jenkins and Cozmo Holloway, bassist/guitarist Justin Hoskins, keyboardist Chris Doody, and drummer Aaron Hoskins—are still planning how and when they'll release the 10 new songs in the works, but the sessions will most likely result in the follow-up to last year's successful Youth Is in Our Blood, which was recorded at former Band drummer Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock, N.Y. The Guv'nahs were paying attention at those sessions—they are producing and engineering the new recording entirely on their own, using a collection of recording equipment they have assembled over the last couple of years.