Dirty Guv'nahs Announce Kickstarter Campaign for New Album

Last year, the Dirty Guv'nahs ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 for their third album, Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies. They ended up nearly doubling that, with more than $36,000. This time, they're asking for $30,000 to record, produce, and promote the follow-up to Southern Skies, which they've already started work on.

"We've spent the last year of our lives working on songs for a new album," the Guv'nahs write in a message to fans on the new Kickstarter campaign page. "Never before have we poured so much blood, sweat, and tears into a project. We couldn't be more proud of the result; the new songs capture us as we truly are, not who someone else wants us to be. We sincerely believe that this is the best music of our career.

"We've already started recording this album and it's getting us very excited (we'll share a brand new song and video in the coming days). Why would we risk messing things up by partnering with a label for its release? Why would we allow other people to get in the middle of this process and muddy it up by trying to change us or trying to own the rights to our music? If signing to a record label was our career goal, we could have done that long ago. We've had many opportunities, but have yet to find the perfect match. And that's what it would have to be, perfect. Because that's what we owe you. You've been with us as we've climbed the ladder and we're not about to abandon you now for the interests of others. We work for you."

As they did last year, the band is offering some unusual incentives. Pledges of $25 get a signed copy of the upcoming CD, your name in the liner notes, and the chance to appear in a new Guv'nahs video; a pledge of $7,500 includes a weekend on the road with the band for two people, with the chance to create a set list or even sing backup during a show.

The campaign runs through Dec. 30.