Cops Mistake Abigail Washburn and Bandmates for Magicians and Robbers

After her first couple of tunes at the Bijou Theatre on Wednesday, May 4, Nashville-based banjo player Abigail Washburn stopped to tell a story about why she loves Knoxville. She and her band had just driven in from their show in Charlotte, N.C., and were ready for a long nap when they arrived at host Todd Steed's home in North Hills. Washburn said some bandmates had already put on pajamas for a good sleep. Then police showed up, guns drawn, demanding to know what they were doing.

Apparently there had been some break-ins, and Washburn's vagabond musicians and their van fit the profile.

They convinced the cops they were performers, but one officer may have gotten one detail a little off. Washburn said she overheard a policeman saying he'd found "seven magicians" at the scene.

"Of a sort," interjected singer and multi-instrumentalist Kai Welch.

Washburn said they're thinking about changing their name to "Abigail Washburn and the Napping Bandits."