Chris Scum Documentary Rebel Scum Premiers in Atlanta

More than 300 people showed up at Atlanta's art deco movie palace, the Plaza Theater, for the premiere of Rebel Scum, the rockumentary featuring Knoxville's own Christopher Scum, his band the Dirty Works, and several Knoxville scenesters and characters. Billed as "a twisted symphony of excess," Rebel Scum, which screened in Knoxville in January, didn't disappoint the audience, which cheered and laughed through much of the film. The theater got eerily quiet during the more intense moments. Some of the stunts pulled off by the too-eager-to-please misfits of the film evoke Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew at times, but at its core, the film is a tragicomic document of real people—and their stories are more than a bit disturbing. At the end, the film received a standing ovation.

Christopher Scum, his partner Renee, and guitarist Steven Crime attended the screening and were deluged with autograph and photo requests as the crowd filed out of the theater en route to an after-party at the Highland Inn Ballroom. Asked how it felt to see his life portrayed so intimately on a big screen in front of a crowd of strangers, Chris was oddly Zen.

"I really don't even think about that, that all these people are watching a film about me," he said. "I just kind of stay in my own world as usual. I'm just another person there, watching the movie."

Getting this polarizing and extreme film before the public has been a challenge. Producer Francis Percarpio says he is still in search of a distributor. Rebel Scum has been submitted to several major European film festivals and Percarpio is also negotiating a European distribution deal.