The Cheat Reunite for One Last Show

For the first half of the 2000s, the local surf-punk band the Cheat built itself a reputation as a wild bunch of miscreants, and with good reason—the band's shows were usually orgies of booze, sweat, and sometimes tears. (There was a particularly notorious set-to at the World Grotto toward the end of the band's run, reportedly involving a bottle of liquor, a trashed dressing room, and physical blows.) Perhaps no other local band has more embodied the debauched spirit of Knoxville rock pioneers Teenage Love and the Rude Street Peters.

If you missed the fun back then, or if you want to experience it again, you have one last chance this weekend. The Cheat will play at Pilot Light on Saturday, June 11, with Nashville indie rockers Pujol, for "their first and last show in years," according to an e-mail from band honcho Fletcher Stewart. "This is the last show I play before moving to the UK, and it will be huge. I know we are so 2003, but hell....:) I think it has been coming for a while."