Local New Wave pioneers Candy Creme and the Wet Dream are trying to put together a reunion show, if only the original members could track down former guitarist Kevin Pugliese.

The Wet Dream, fronted by the notorious Candy Herron, aka Candy Creme ("She never got naked onstage, but she would say provocative stuff," ex-Wet Dream guitarist Jeff Comas told Jack Neely for a retrospective article in 2002), were one of the most popular bands in Knoxville during the first half of the 1980s. The group—Herron, Comas, Pugliese, bassist Dave Nutzell, and drummer Steve Housewright—recorded one single, "Please Leave Me Alone" b/w "Prisoner" before disbanding in '84. (Comas, Herron, and Nutzell reformed the band the following year in Kansas City and performed until 1987.) The band's biggest moment may have been its photo shoot for Oui magazine's "Girls of the World's Fair" feature in 1982.

Comas has started a MySpace page for the band ( with a partial history and photos.