British People Now Aware of Knoxville

The January issue of British music magazine The Wire hit U.S. racks last week. It's their "2008 Rewind" issue. But, amid the requisite best-of lists and heady, verbose reflections that always characterize end-of-the-year issues, there's a one-page article with a familiar image—Double Muslims playing the sparsely decorated Pilot Light—and a simple title. "Knoxville," penned by ex-Knoxville Voice A&E editor Eric Dawson, is this month's "Global Ear" feature in the magazine. Dawson takes a look back at some important 2008 events-—notably April's 24-Hour Nuclear War event (identified as "last summer's" in the story), and August's musical interpretation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road at Pilot Light. The remainder of the piece serves as something of an overview of Pilot Light and the eclectic musical scene that surrounds it, relying mostly on interview material with club owner Jason Boardman and Double Muslims bandmate Eric Lee. The article's on page 16-, for anyone who prefers to read it in the store rather than shell out the $10.99 cover price. There's supplementary material at