Boxer Rebellion: New Live Album Recorded in Maryville

Steve Wildsmith, the entertainment editor for Maryville's Daily Times, hasn't been shy about his enthusiasm for Blount County local boy-done-good Nathan Nicholson, who now lives in London and fronts the rock band the Boxer Rebellion. So Wildsmith was plainspoken earlier this year when he called out local music fans for overlooking the band's poorly attended show last year in Maryville.

"If you were not at the Clayton Center for the Arts on the Maryville College campus last October to see The Boxer Rebellion perform, don't tell me. Because your absence makes me want to slap you," he wrote on his Daily Times blog. "Not only did you miss an absolutely amazing show, you probably helped ensure that the band—fronted by singer Nathan Nicholson—won't be performing in this area for quite a while. I hope that's not the case, but when you do well to fill 300 seats of a 1,400-person venue … and the audience sits for most of the show even though you're parting their hair with some amazing rock ‘n' roll … well, can you blame them?"

Turns out the band members didn't mind either the venue, the turnout, or the audience's reaction. The Boxer Rebellion is coming back, with a show scheduled at the Square Room on Thursday, Nov. 10, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10, or $15 at the door. Canon Blue will open.

Even bigger: The band has just released a live recording of that 2010 concert in Maryville, titled Live in Tennessee. The new digital-only album has 16 songs, including "Flashing Red Light Means Go," available as a free download at the band's website.