Blues Community Plays for Ailing Ed Corts

The local blues community will be rallying this weekend around Ed Corts, of the Relentless Blues Band and former owner of the Corner Lounge. Corts is recovering from a recent illness that will require major surgery. Labron Lazenby and the LA3, Michael Delaney, Bluestone, and the Nairobi Trio will perform a benefit concert, officially titled Pinecone Jam, for Corts on Saturday, April 2, at Patrick Sullivan's, starting at 7 p.m. The show will be followed by a jam session, so bring some gear if you want to join in.

"Dad has been sick with a rare intestinal bacteria and his gallbladder has to be taken out," says Corts' daughter, Adrienne Corts, in an e-mail. "The doctors can find no more traces of the bacteria, but the physical damage has been done. He's going to be okay, he is just weak and has been unable to work much for the past three months. I wanted to put something together for him to raise some money for bills and medical expenses."

The name of the show, Adrienne says, comes from one of Corts' favorite euphemisms.

"Pinecone is a word adopted by dad instead of calling someone a nincompoop," she writes. "Like, ‘Oh, that guy's just being a pinecone.' Or more often, used playfully toward friends, as in this case. ‘We're just a crazy bunch of pinecones!'"