The Black Cadillacs Turn Stones Obsession Into Fun Ride on Debut Album

The Black Cadillacs

All Them Witches

The Black Cadillacs make no secret of their debt to the Rolling Stones on their debut album. "Desperate" and "Pale Girl" are twangy ballads modeled after "Wild Horses" and "Angie," "Squad Car Blues" struts like "Stray Cat Blues," and "I Know You Want Me" channels the Stones' early blues covers. Sometimes the influence is secondhand—"Something to Shake" and "Fade to Grey" sound like the Black Crowes at their most Stones-like. As obvious as it all is, though, All Them Witches is a fun ride. The band, especially frontman Will Horton, really does capture some of the energy and menace of the Stones at their early '70s peak, and they've crammed detail and subtlety into the arrangements that are usually lost during their live performances.