The Black Cadillacs Are Headed to Nashville in 2013

The release of the Black Cadillacs' second album, Run, back in June, seemed like a turning point for the band. The group had improved significantly over its self-titled 2010 debut, in both songwriting and confidence, and the Cadillacs seemed poised to join the Dirty Guv'nahs and Royal Bangs as local bands whose larger aspirations seemed justified.

The band is taking a next big step soon, but it will disqualify them from the Knoxville ranks. According to singer/guitarist Will Horton, all six members of the band plan to relocate to Nashville by the beginning of 2013.

"We're all sort of freed up from anything that would keep us, like a lease agreement or anything like that," Horton says. "So we're trying to get there by the first of the year."

The impetus for the move is Nashville's music industry—labels, management, publicists, studios—and in particular its expanding rock scene.

"It's just generally the infrastructure for business that is already laid out that we have no way of being regularly having access to, being here on a weekly basis," Horton says. "It would be a lot more useful for us to have time off in Nashville than to have time off in Knoxville. ... Every time we go to Nashville we meet someone who has helped further our career and up our profile.

"And with the resurgence of the rock 'n' roll scene in Nashville, it's pretty interesting to see how that's developed, with labels like Infinity Cat and the Black Keys and Jack White all being rooted there now."

The band played at Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria last weekend, and has plans for at least one more show before making the final move. But Horton says local fans will barely notice the difference—the Cadillacs expect to play here regularly for the foreseeable future, even after the relocation.

"The thing is that we'll still be here—Knoxville's still our biggest market," he says. "It just made more sense on the business end of things to be in Nashville and then travel to Knoxville for shows. ... We'll still probably play a show every other month, something along those lines. It won't be too drastic a change. We just won't be here when we're off the road."