Big Ears Is Still on for 2012

The surprise announcement in December that AC Entertainment would postpone the third Big Ears Festival from this spring until at least the second half of 2011 caused some consternation among fans of the indie-rock/avant-garde music weekend. Some have assumed the festival wouldn't happen again, which AC president and founder Ashley Capps says isn't the case.

"Next spring, probably," Capps says. "We've zoned in on some dates and have some ideas floating around. We had a few things on board and were determined to do it this year, but now some of the timing has gotten difficult. I've decided to let go of any particular concept for the moment, but we do have five or six threads that we can follow up on. There's some great stuff on the table.

"I hate that it's not happening this year. It's a pet project that I'm very proud of. It was very difficult to make the decision to put it off until next year."