Austin Rock Duo Ghost Wolves Sets Up Camp in Knoxville for the Summer

The Ghost Wolves aren't locals, though they'll be living like they are throughout July and into August. The Austin, Texas, guitar-and-drums duo will be setting up a base camp at a friend's house just outside the city while they tour the Southeast in support of their 2011 album, In Ya Neck, and "Getchya Hip Thrust," their latest single. In the meantime, they'll play three shows at Pilot Light—on July 9, July 16, and July 23—in between their regional travels.

"You guys really are in a great spot," says drummer Johnny Wolf says, explaining that Knoxville is a convenient hub to hit shows throughout the region. In fact, Wolf says, they wrote their latest tunes in the same house during a two-week stay last summer.

Wolf was formerly a member of Americana band the Belleville Outfit and had been through Knoxville to play for WDVX's Blue Plate Special. On his trips through town, he says, he got good tours of the city's music scene, which impressed him.

"It sort of seems like Knoxville is where Austin was 10 years ago," he says.

Wolf, whose partner/bandmate Carley Wolf is a Texas hill-country native, says the band prefers smaller towns and more open spaces.

"We just like being in the country," Wolf says. "You can turn your amps [way up]."

But he's also confident the distinctly urban vibes of Pilot Light in the Old City will be a good fit for the Wolves' three-show residency there.

"It's in an old part of town," he says. "A lot of bands we admire play there. Last time we played there, like five local bands came up to us and said, we want to play with you next time."

The Ghost Wolves will wrap up their stay in Knoxville with a show at Barley's on Aug. 8.