20 Years of Local Music: Here's the Official Lineup for 'Metro Pulse' 20Fest

As we get closer to Metro Pulse's 20th anniversary 20Fest, set for 10 venues on Market Square, Gay Street, and the Old City on Friday, Aug. 19, it's time to announce the official lineup, which is, quite frankly, about as impressive and wide-ranging a roster to celebrate 20 years of local music as we could have hoped for. The festival, which is a benefit for the Joy of Music School, will include the American Plague, Kat Brock, Taylor Brown and Company, Cold Hands, Damaged Patients, the Dirty Knees, the Drunk Uncles, Dumb Lunch, Earth Quaker, Econopop, Mic Harrison and the High Score, Jeff Heiskell, Hey OK Fantastic, Hudson K, John Paul Keith, Knoxville Early Music Project, Tim Lee 3, the LoneTones, Dan Miller, Mito Band, Matt Morelock, the John Myers Band, Stewart Pack, Pegasi 51, Pick Up the Snake, Plainclothes Tracy, Jack Rentfro and the Apocalypso Quartet, Senryu, Todd Steed, Teenage Love, the Theorizt, Brian Waldschlager, Warband, the Westside Daredevils, White Gregg, and Jake Winstrom. See you at the festival!