Everyday Help for Hunger From Second Harvest

According to its 2009 annual report, Knoxville-based Second Harvest serves an 18-county region and saw a 28 percent increase in demand for food services this past year. Here's how it combats hunger in our region:

In 2009, Second Harvest...

• Served an average 155,000 people through 227 non-profits every month and 9.5 million meals throughout the year;

• Supplied 315,702 meals to 6,789 children through 149 elementary schools;

• Rescued fresh foods from 151 local grocer and restaurant donors to pass along to 50 non-profits with on-site kitchens—totalling 2,823,336 meals of fresh foods like produce, dairy, breads and meats;

• Purchased 3,296,603 pounds of food;

• Coordinated 415,988 pounds of product donated through 157 food drives, and 865,383 pounds more distributed through the USDA program;

• Gathered 788,899 pounds of product from national donors, 7,602,426 pounds gathered from local and regional donors.

For more information: secondharvestknox.com