Employee a Little Too Big on the Pig

As we all know, a heaping plate of pork can be irresistible. It can also apparently be regarded by some as adequate compensation upon concluding a term of employment. That seems to be what happened on Nov. 3, when Knoxville police officers were dispatched to a downtown-area restaurant upon report of a physical altercation between employees. Once on the scene, officers learned that the suspect's attack was motivated by a dispute concerning a plate of meat.

The KPD report states that the manager on duty witnessed the suspect attempting to leave the establishment carrying a plate of food. After being approached and questioned by the manager, the suspect told the manager that he was quitting and would be claiming the plate of roasted pork as payment. Repeated requests to surrender the pork reportedly elicited a violent reaction from the suspect, who allegedly assaulted the manager, destroying property in the process.

The suspect was charged with simple assault, but as the KPD report makes no mention of the state of Tennessee's labor laws regarding meat compensation, the question remains as to how appropriate the manager's refusal was.