You Can Bike in Knoxville?

Are you feeling jaunty, Knoxville? "Jaunty Knoxville" was a national headline for our city last week.

In last Friday's New York Post, travel writer Susan Barnes extolled the virtues of Knoxville, "seeking its identity...with its popular big sisters Nashville and Memphis to the west it can be a bit daunting to try and find a spot in the family tree."

The Appalachian Mountain Bike Club took her to Knoxville's urban wilderness for a great time, working up an appetite for biscuits at the Plaid Apron and Tupelo Honey Cafe. The Knoxville Museum of Art's upcoming exhibit gets a mention as does the Blue Plate Special performances at WDVX. A list of festivals and a plug for the Laurel Theater round out the visits.

"From this visitor's point of view, I'd say Knoxville had clearly found itself: a vivacious city that shows its residents and guests a good time—true Southern hospitality."

Thanks. We think.