Wright's Cafeteria is Knoxville's Election Central

Things get a little busy out at Wright's Cafeteria at lunch time. It's a favorite hangout for the courthouse crowd. One day last week, state Sen. Tim Burchett, who is running for county mayor, arranged to meet Sheriff Jimmy "JJ" Jones and his right-hand man Lee Tramel for lunch. While Burchett was waiting, in walks Jones' old boss and potential mayoral candidate, former Sheriff Tim Hutchison.

Jones' meeting with Burchett, with Hutchison at another table, was awkward enough, but Tramel was on the phone making another lunch date with Lewis Cosby, another likely mayoral candidate.

The Burchett/Jones lunch was cordial, but we suspect the topic was a bill supported by Jones to prevent County Commission controlling his budget, which Burchett didn't support.