Wright, Brooks Not at Odds

Contrary to rumors swirling about some Republican clubs, Knox County Commissioner David Wright says he does not plan to run against state Rep. Harry Brooks, R-Knoxville. In fact, Wright says he and Brooks are working together in an effort to get a middle school for Gibbs, a school that lies in both their districts.

Gibbs is the only high school in Knox County that doesn't have a middle school. Elementary students who graduate in the district are bussed into town to Holston Middle School. It's been that way since a desegregation plan implemented back in the 1980s that involved bringing white kids in from the suburbs. The school board owns property near Gibbs High purchased for a middle school, says Wright.

Brooks is chair of the state House Education Committee, and has a major say in education issues. Wright does not have to run for re-election next year; he is one of the commissioners who wound up with a six-year term after the Commission was reorganized from 19 to 11 members, with two elected countywide.