Working Retirements

Inquiring minds wanted to know, so here it is:

There are eight Knox County schools central-office retirees who were paid a total of over $125,000 this past fiscal year as consultants. This is for part-time work in addition to their pensions.

Topping the list is Betty Sparks, who was paid $32,188, according to central office records. Mary Kanipe got $23,090. Frances Jones earned $20,365. Charles Cheatham was paid $10,874. Karen Milani got $7,559. Melvina Smith got $5,349. Barbara Clark got $4,821.

Roy Mullins, a recent candidate for school board, was paid $20,905 for consulting work. Because of his service as assistant superintendent and various iterations as interim school superintendent Mullins also gets a pension of $129,287 per year.

The school system also has a cadre of retired principals and teachers who are used to fill in for extended absences and some principals are paid to help out in the principals' assessment center.