Will UT Relocate to Nashville?

Two recent announcements have some people concerned about the future of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. First, the announcement that the UT president's office will move out of Andy Holt Tower and off campus. Now the decision has been made to sell the president's residence on Cherokee Boulevard. There is now no impediment for the president of UT moving to, oh, maybe Nashville?

There is expected to be a major reorganization of Tennessee's higher education system in the coming legislative session. The current system has a Board of Regents for most colleges in the state in addition to the UT system. Consolidation or re-organization is in the air.

Former UT President John Shumaker once suggested moving his office to Nashville, to be near the Legislature. There was an angry outcry in the Knoxville community that quashed the idea. The makeup of the UT Board of Trustees has changed during Gov. Phil Bredesen's tenure. This time, we aren't hearing any public concern about the changes.